Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Why Teachers Who Are More Lenient Are Favored

The statement "Teachers who are more lenient are favored" is an obvious one. But I'm going to elaborate one WHY exactly they are favored. First and foremost, teachers who are more lenient and understanding of student's situations help relieve stress the students are feeling. High school can be very stressful, just like anything in life, but teachers have the power to relieve some of that stress very easily. Listen to their situations and help work around it, realize students have other obligations in life and school, and help pencil everything in as best as possible within reason. Apart from relieving stress, it gains the teacher respect and builds better connections with the students. Of course the teacher will have to maintain some control, but allowing the students to have some space and time and to feel at ease, will help them to succeed in school. Stress is a students worst enemy, and teachers have the ability to easily defeat that enemy.


  1. Teachers that are more lenient are more favorable in my eyes.

  2. Mitch I agree that a more lenient teacher is favoured by students, but I also feel a teacher that isn't strict enough will not be able to teach a class. Teachers need to be able to instruct and teach with the students respect and will to want to work hard and try their best to succeed. Teachers are not friends they are there to teach it helps 100% if they have a good personality that shows they care and are there for each and every student but they also have to be able to lay down rules to keep structure in the classroom. A good teacher finds that happy medium and gets the love and respect from all his/her students.